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whats your name?Desiree
have you ever been depressed?Yes
do you think im depressed?Ya
whats your favorite band?Blink 182
do you:
wish you were never born?NO
wonder why you were even put on this planet?Ya, i like mars
always find yourself sitting at home on friday nights with noone to talkto?no meg always is talking
ever wish you would have no emotions at all?No that would suck
write poems?yes 24/7
drink alcohol?No
have sex?No un like some people
have you ever:
got drunk and tried to hook up with ur xbf?Nope
got drunk and told a secret of urs you really didnt want others to know?Nope
do you always:
cry at night?Yes
clean untill theres nothing else to clean?ya
wish you could kill everyone that causes you pain?no just one
including the xbf that dumped you for your worst ememy?No
are you:
your own worst ememy?sometimes
loosing sleep bc you cant stop thinking about everything that hurts you?Yes
always happy when the love of your life enters the room?Yes!!!
sitting at ur comp, smoking a cigarette takeing this stupid survey?Yes cig
is your:
kat your best friend?if you want
your mom..?no my mom is better
eyes red and watery from crying?sometimes but not now
does your:??
room smell like alcohol?No and proud of it
cigarettes?Hells no
pot...?fu**ing NO...ewww
best friend stab you in the back?Yes she did,she stabbed me and left me to bleed to death alone.
siblings if any annoy the hell out of you?ya but i love him
do you chase them down the street with a butcher knife when they piss uoff?lol no just a kitchen knife
i havent..i swear..yes you have
ok yeah i have..but i was really angry.i have done it to
ok the end is near for is my end 2
i mean the end of the survey.o ok byez..i love you and i miss you

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